Audio 2000s AWM6528UM 4 Channel UHF Wireless Lapel Microphones

Audio 2000s AWM6528UM 4 Channel UHF Wireless Lapel Microphones
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Product Description

Audio 2000s AWM6528UM 4 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone with Lapels (Lavalier)

Audio2000s AWM6528UM system has reliable RF transmission and reception. It features a transmission range of more than 100 feet. Plus, it delivers quality features that really allow the enjoyment and convenience of a wireless system without any of the hassle. A rack-mount kit is included so that the AWM6528UM system can be stationary.

Designed For Reliable UHF Systems

As all other Audio2000'S wireless products, the AWM6528UM system has been engineered to be a dependable UHF system. It contains many features like a wide audio frequency range, high S/N ratio, and outstanding performance that are equal to any other professional wireless systems out there, but for better deal. This is achieved through strict component selection and high quality circuit design. A delicately designed silence circuit eliminates static noise when the transmitters are either turned off or out of transmission range.

Keeping Versatility in Mind

The versatile AWM6528UM system includes four independent XLR balanced audio outputs, one mixed XLR balanced audio output, and one mixed 1/4" (TS) unbalanced audio output. The user can connect with any or all of the four independent outputs to individually adjust the sound effect for each wireless microphone channel. Or they can use either one of the mixed outputs to use only one input channel / cable on a mixing device.

Accessibility at Its Best

The AWM6528UM system has been designed and manufactured to be dependable, problem free, versatile and user-friendly. This system is meant to be readily accessible, contain high quality, plus come at a preferred and affordable price for anyone that uses it.

Package included: One AWM6528UM Receiver Four Body-Pack Transmitters Four Lapel Microphones One 3Ft 1/4" to 1/4" Cable Eight 1.5V AA Battery Rack Mount Kit UHF Band Frequency 570.5 - 696.10 Mhz 50 Selectable frequencies per channel and up to 12 systems can be used simultaneously. Four Independent XLR Balanced Audio Outputs One 1/4" (TS) Unbalanced Mixed Audio Output Four Volume Control Knobs (One for Each Channel) at the Front Panel