CB5053 - Chartbuster 50 Greatest 2005 Country Female

CB5053 - Chartbuster 50 Greatest 2005 Country Female
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All Jacked Up Wilson, Gretchen Something More Sugarland Inside Your Heaven Underwood, Carrie Wake Up Older Roberts, Julie She Didn't Have Time Clark, Terri Bring Me Down Lambert, Miranda I Ain't No Quitter Twain, Shania My Sister McEntire, Reba Trying To Love You Yearwood, Trisha It's A Heartache Trick Pony Mississippi Girl Hill, Faith Cheatin' Evans, Sara Goodbye Is All We Have Krauss, Alison & Union Station He Oughta Know That By Now Womack, Lee Ann Delicious Surprise (I Believe It) Messina, Jo Dee God's Will McBride, Martina I Break Things Jo, Erika My Give A Damn's Busted Messina, Jo Dee A Real Fine Place To Start Evans, Sara Jesus, Take The Wheel Underwood, Carrie Probably Wouldn't Be This Way Rimes, LeAnn I've Forgotten You Vincent, Rhonda & The Rage Homewrecker Wilson, Gretchen Stand Back Up Sugarland Georgia Rain Yearwood, Trisha Ain't Wastin' Good Whiskey On You Trick Pony Kerosene Lambert, Miranda Where We Both Say Goodbye Britt, Catherine & Elton John I'll Try Anything Dotson, Amber Boondocks Little Big Town Somebody's Hero O'Neal, Jamie Like We Never Loved At All Hill, Faith You're Gonna Be McEntire, Reba I Want A Cowboy Elam, Katrina Party For Two Twain, Shania & Billy Currington I Ain't Your Mama Dotson, Amber When It Rains Wilson, Gretchen Restless Krauss, Alison & Union Station Summer Girl Andrews, Jessica What You Ain't Gonna Get Lucas, Lauren Don't Twain, Shania Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart Cowboy Crush Keep Your Distance Loveless, Patty No One'll Ever Love Me Howard, Rebecca Lynn Corn Fed Brown, Shannon One Day At A Time Carter, Deana I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today Wilson, Gretchen Just Might (Make Me Believe) Sugarland I'm Amazed McCann, Lila Rose Garden, (I Never Promised You A) McBride, Martina