Chauvet DJ 4BAR Flex

Chauvet DJ 4BAR Flex
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Product Description

LED Lighting Fixture with 4 x Integrated Lights, Each with 36 Red, Green, and Blue 10mm LEDs (Total of 432 LEDs); Sound-active Mode; 15-channel DMX Control; and Various Mounting Options The ultra-portable Chauvet 4BAR Flex gives you a complete 4-light LED fixture that you can easily integrate into the lighting system you already have. Built into a single standalone fixture, the 4BAR Flex features four individual wash lights, each loaded with 108 individual red, green, and blue LEDs. It's like having four fixtures in one! The 4BAR Flex is completely DMX controllable too and can also run beat-synced preset programs in sound-active mode. What's more, your can pair your other 4BAR units with a Chauvet 4BAR Flex to easily create more-complex lighting setups.

Chauvet 4BAR Flex LED Lighting Fixture at a Glance: Four wash lights in one versatile, standalone lighting fixture All of the control options your need to crank up the energy Massive mounting options put the "Flex" in the 4BAR Flex's name Four wash lights in one versatile, standalone lighting fixture Without a doubt, the Chauvet 4BAR Flex LED lighting fixture is easily one of the most cost-effective ways to add a ton of lighting flexibility to your rig. Each of the 4BAR Flex's four lights features 36 red, green, and blue 10mm LEDs for a total of 108 LEDs a piece. Spread out across your dance floor, the output from a single 4BAR Flex can easily light up several mid-sized sections of your room. And when you add all of the 4BAR Flex's numerous control options, the lighting possibilities go straight through the roof.

All of the control options your need to crank up the energy Chauvet clearly designed the 4BAR Flex lighting fixture to integrate into a wide range of lighting rig styles. If you're fairly new to lighting, or are looking for a set-it-and-forget-it lighting rig, then you're going to love the 4BAR Flex's sound-active mode. In sound-active mode, the 4BAR Flex simply reacts to the sound of your music, picking up the beat and changing with the music. An included foot controller lets you change operation modes on the fly. When it's time to expand your lighting system, or if you're adding on to one, the 4BAR Flex's master/slave connectivity with other 4BAR models makes it easy to create complex automatic light shows. And if you happen to already be a DMX guru, then you're going to love the control you'll get over your 4BAR Flex with just 15 DMX channels.

Massive mounting options put the "Flex" in the 4BAR Flex's name What makes the Chauvet 4BAR Flex so versatile are its various mounting options. Between its L-brackets and stand mount, it's easy to position the 4BAR Flex on the floor, suspend it from truss, or mount it to the top of a lighting tree. That's not all - the 4BAR Flex also features four mounting points directly across from its four fixture-style lights. This lets you add lights on top of or suspended below your 4BAR Flex, providing you with tons of additional configuration options.

Chauvet 4BAR Flex LED Lighting Fixture Features: The perfect way to add a ton of light and flexibility to your lighting rig A single lighting fixture that gives you four individual LED wash lights Each of the four lights feature 108 x 10mm LEDs (36 red, 36 green, and 36 blue) for a total of 432 LEDs Individual lights each provide a wide range of positioning options Operation modes include automatic (program) mode, sound-active mode, and 15-channel DMX mode (includes program and strobe control) Works in master/slave with other 4BAR series units for large coordinated light shows Included footswitch lets you change operation modes on the fly Pass-through hole easily mounts to most tripods or speaker stands with no additional clamp needed Mount up to 4 additional lights to the top of the 4BAR Flex to expand your light show 2 x L-brackets provide you with tons of setup possibilities and configurations Safely mount to truss using the built-in bolts for increased mounting options Setup and tear down takes only minutes Edison plug power output lets you conveniently daisy chain fixtures Carrying case included Take your lighting rig to the next level with a 4BAR Flex lighting fixture from Chauvet!

Tech Specs Type Wash DMX 3-pin DMX Modes 15 Channels Sound Active Yes LED Yes LED Type RGB Power Consumption 47W Height 14.7" Width 47.4" Depth 5.2" Weight 13.5 lbs.