CHauvet DJ Wash FX

CHauvet DJ Wash FX
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Lay Down Serious Light with This Wash Fixture

When you want to flood the stage or dance floor with rich and colorful light, then the Chauvet DJ Wash FX is the LED lighting instrument you want in your rig. This broad-range wash light gives you the near-infinite RGB color-mixing capability of 18 x 4W tri-color LEDs. Multiple control options include automated programs, sound-activated mode, onboard color mixing, up to 23 channels of DMX support, and full ShowXpress Pixels compatibility. Power and DMX cable daisy chaining saves you long cable runs, and thanks to the Chauvet DJ Wash FX's rugged housing, it's a prefect addition to your mobile lighting rig. Chauvet DJ Wash FX LED Lighting Instrument at a Glance:

All the color mixing you need, without the RGB shadows Simple automated programs, advanced DMX control and more LED technology for greener, cooler, more versatile fixtures

All the color mixing you need, without the RGB shadows

One of the major advantages the Chauvet Wash FX has over more common RGB LED lighting fixtures are its tri-color LEDs. Instead of separate red, green, and blue LEDs, the Wash FX's tri-color LEDs each include three separate red, green, and blue filaments. The result is the same impressive range of color mixing, without virtually no RGB shadows. When you need a professional lighting fixture for ambient lighting or professional video/theater work, the Wash FX delivers. Simple automated programs, advanced DMX control and more

Full DMX control is just one of the important setup options the Chauvet Wash FX LED lighting fixture has to offer. These fixtures work great with a standard DMX controller, but if you use ShowXpress Pixels, you can setup complex looks and cool effects across multiple instruments with ease. If you'd rather not touch DMX at all, you can always reach for one of the built-in automated programs. Sound Active mode even lets the Wash FX respond naturally to the beat, making it easy to create impressive lighting effects with very little effort. Master/Slave chaining kicks it up another notch, letting you daisy chain multiple fixtures together via DMX to create complex coordinated light shows - no programming needed! LED technology for greener, cooler, more versatile fixtures

Chauvet is one of the first companies to bring high-output LED technology to lighting fixtures made for music production and DJing, and they're certainly one of the best. As a U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum certified company, Sweetwater really gets the value in LED fixtures. Drawing just a tenth (or less) the wattage of a similar incandescent fixture, typical LED fixtures not only save you cash at the meter, they also dramatically reduce the temperature onstage or on the dance floor. On top of that, LED fixtures like this provide you with all kinds of added perks such as vivid color (no need for gels), no duty cycles, and all the control you could ask for. Chauvet DJ Wash FX LED Lighting Instrument Features:

A compact LED wash light that's loaded with cool features and effects Loaded with 18 x 4W tri-color LEDs for red/green/blue color mixing Built-in auto and sound programs generate eye-catching effects 7- and 23-channel DMX modes provide tons of programming options Full compatibility with ShowXpress Pixels lets you easily setup complex effects Rugged solid metal housing is designed to withstand the rigors of the mobile entertainer Save time running cables by power linking multiple units Easily create custom colors, without using a controller, in standalone modes

Flood your space with colored light courtesy of the Chauvet Wash FX! Tech Specs Type Wash DMX 3-pin DMX Modes 7 or 23 Channels Sound Active Yes LED Yes LED Type Tri-color Power Consumption 77W, 1.2A @ 120V, 60Hz/75W, 0.6A @ 230V, 50Hz Height 7.1" Width 10" Depth 8.5" Weight 4.8 lbs.