GEMINI MDJ 900: Professional USB Media Player

GEMINI MDJ 900: Professional USB Media Player
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Product Description

INJECT NEW ENERGY TO YOUR MIXES The MDJ-900 pack's tons of professional features into a compact, cutting-edge media player. Itís all about ease of use letting you mix effortlessly without the need for external software. It has a large 8Ē screen with a touch-sensitive jog wheel, and while using Link and Sync modes it lets you connect up to 4 different PLAYERS with a tempo matching on each MDJ-900 freeing you up to create more complex mixes on the fly. DJís will get a lot of bang for their buck with the MDJ-900. If youíre looking for a gateway to craft a mix thatís uniquely yours, the MDJ-900 is the best bet.

SPECIFICATIONS ● Flagship-quality USB media player with 4.3″ color screen, moving waveform, and onboard search and analysis

● 8″ ultra high-resolution capacitive touch platter with center display to deliver professional quality performance

● Network linking opens features like library sharing and BPM sync between units

● Extensive auto-looping support includes 8 auto loops, loop roll mode, and dividing or multiplying loop lengths to create that perfect build

● Up to 4 hot cues per track to give you instant access to those important parts of your music

● Built-in Hipass / Lowpass filter gives you unique mixing possibilities

● The smooth 100 mm pitch fader and adjustable pitch ranges from 4% to 100% lets you mix with surgical precision

● Adjustable platter tension and start / stop times let you dial in the feel thatís perfect for you

● Multiple platter modes available including slip mode, reverse play, vinyl, and stutter cue

● MIDI mode turns your MDJ-900 into an ultimate platter controller Ė complete with on-screen deck info* (*in Virtual DJ)