RSQ NEO-22Pro Blue Tooth

RSQ NEO-22Pro Blue Tooth
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Product Description

Specifications: If you’re looking for a karaoke player that can do it all, the NEO-22 PRO is the perfect machine for you. This model is the latest installment to our highly successful RSQ line of Karaoke Players. Due to its multi-format capability and recording function, the Neo-22 PRO is currently one of the most sought-after machines. Along with its great body this model was designed with high-quality original JVC/RSQ tooling. Its design and system makes it easy to operate, record, and rip your music. Without a doubt, this machine is perfect for all Kj’s/Dj’s as well as Karaoke Aficionados.

Player Description:

d-8X Faster Ripping for MP3+G Format (CD+G 4X) -Record Singing to USB/SD CARD from CD+G, MP3+G Format -Record Singing from USB device to SD Card or Vice Versa -Song List Creation tool with MP3+G Format

- Supports HDMI Connection as well as traditional RCA

Player Features:

•Compatible formats CD+G, MP3+G, DVD, MPEG4, MP3 etc. •Fast Ripping CD+G, MP3+G disc directly into USB/SD Card at MP3+G format •Record singing with MP3+G and CD+G into USB/SD Card at MP3 w/ lyrics •Easy song search: On-Screen Song Index and Song Number •13 Step Digital Key Control •Scoring Function •Song List Creator •Rack Mountable

2016 Feature added

Bluetooth function independent volume controls for microphones and upgraded audio inputs Pannel echo Control Weight & Dimensions: •5 lbs. •Lenth 10 3/8 inches •Width 17 inches •Height 3 1/4 inches

Accessories Include: •Remote •Manual •RCA Cables •Rack Ears