RSQ RM-8000 Wireless Microphones

RSQ RM-8000 Wireless Microphones
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Product Description

RM-8000, Hard Working Wireless ! RM-8000 Series dual channel microphone set, gives you freedom to perform up to 12 hours once fully charged. It delivers superior durability against abuse use, and gives an extreme convenience to installers because of pre-tuned crystal clear sound quality with minimal and tiny mechanics. The battery level & channel in use indicating on FND give users a high-level usability, and also the multi-colored LED alerts enable to distinguish low battery & proper channel pairing. It works with the less-crowded UHF frequency band, giving you clearer interference-free sound. RM-8000 Series channel allocation makes sure of superior sound quality, operating up to 12 channels simultaneously in case of 12 MHz bandwidth. Both mic channels have their own volume control and you can either output both channels independently or together using the "mixed output". An auto mute circuit eliminates the popping noise when switching the unit on or off. Our system is designed and manufactured to be dependable, problem free, versatile and easy to use.


wideband FM

Frequency Range 600 ~ 960 MHz (region depenent) Working Range 150 m (500 ft.) typically; 500 m (1,640 ft.) line of sight (NOTE: Operating range depends on many variables, including RF signal absorption, reflection and interference) Noise Reduction Compander AF Response 60 ~ 18,000 Hz (microphone element dependent) S/N ratio 90 dB THD 60 dB Intermodulation 70 dB Image Rejection 110 dB typical Spurious Rejection 90 dB typical Antenna dipole Power Requirements 12 V DC / 1 A [with DC power adapter] Power Consumption