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Product Description

200 Channel PLL Wireless System, Durable, rugged and great sound, Commercial grade UHF wireless system

Multiple systems (up to 100) can be used together allowing up to 200 channels simultaneously

Easy-to-Use IR channel switching function

Two highly sensitive and durable microphones with LCD indicators, Rack-mountable

RSQ UHF-6200N, 200 Channels Digital Wireless Microphone

If you’re looking for freedom and versatility RSQ’s UHF-6200 offers just that.

This dual microphone wireless system features over 200 frequency channels that make this model adaptable for any venue.

Offering 200 selectable channels this model features automatic frequency scanning. At the touch of a button, this function automatically searches and sets the best available frequency.

UHF-6200N R Dual Channel Receiver Oscillation Mode PLL (Digital Frequency Synthesizer) Modulation Wideband FM Frequency Range 614MHz - 698MHz Working Range 20m (65 ft.) typically; 150m (500ft.) line of sight. (NOTE: Operating range depends on many variables, including RF signal absorption, reflection and interference) F/N Ratio 8805; 80 dB S/N Ratio 8805; 80 dB Sensitivity 5dBuV Audio Output Voltage Balanced (XLR Port) : 250 mV / 600, 8486; (2EA) Mixed ( ¼” Port) : 400 mV / 3K 8486; (1EA) Working Voltage DC 12-16 V Working Current ≤ 350mA UHF-6200 N T Handheld Transmitter Transmitter Power 30mW ( Depend on applicable country regulations) Oscillation Mode PLL (Digital Frequency Synthesizer) Stability Dynamic Range < 30ppm 8805;100dB Battery AA x 2 Frequency Response 50Hz ~ 15,000 Hz (microphone element dependent) Max Input Sound Pressure 130dB SPL