VOCOPRO Silent Symphony-Learn

VOCOPRO Silent Symphony-Learn
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Product Description

The SilentSymphony-Learn (Stereo Wireless Listening Center) from VocoPro features a STEREO three-channel wireless transmitter, and SilentSymphony stereo multi-channel wireless headphones, that enable you to add the static-free stereo wireless audio capability to your classroom media player.

Just connect the transmitter to any audio source such as a CD player, MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, or computer, and transmit quality stereo sound wirelessly to 10 listeners at a time. With 3 available frequencies, you can run up to 3 different audio programs simultaneously (Additional transmitters required). Connect an unlimited number of SilentSymphony Headphones with a single transmitter to meet the requirements of a bigger classroom. The SilentSymphony-Learn ships with an included padded carrying case.

The SilentSymphony Wireless Transmitter sends high-quality stereo audio via 900 MHz (UHF) frequencies to SilentSymphony Headphones within an operating range of up to 300 feet. Connect the transmitter to any analog audio source by using a stereo RCA connection or 1/8" stereo mini-plug. Synchronize the transmitter and headphones with the 3 switchable preset frequencies.

The SilentSymphony-Learn is the only wireless listening center on the market that outputs a STEREO audio signal while operating in the 900MHz range to avoid TV and radio station interference.

Package Includes: 1 SilentSymphony stereo wireless transmitter 10 SilentSymphony stereo wireless headphones 1 BAG-HP10 headphone carrying bag Operates in the 900MHz Frequency Band, Clear of TV Station Interference Broadcast Audio to an Unlimited Number of Wireless Headphone Sets Use up to 3 Transmitters Simultaneously Internal Battery Built-In to Transmitter for Remote Use Transmission Power Level Toggle (High/Low) Available Stereo RCA Audio Input on the transmitter Headphones have an 18Hr Battery Life with Two AAA Batteries