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VocoPro UBP

UHF Wireless Bodypack Microphone Set for UHF-5800/5805 and UHF-8800 Description:

Each bodypack can use either a headset microphone or lavaliere microphone. UBP-3: This set is compatible with UHF-5800 set 3, UHF-5805 set 3 and UHF-8800 top row. UBP-4: This set is compatible with UHF-5800 set 4, UHF-5805 set 4 and UHF-8800 bottom row. Features:

Available frequencies: UBP-3: M, N, O, P UBP-4: Q, R, S, T UBP-5: E, F, G, H UBP-6: I, J, K, L Complies with New FCC Frequency Rules 4 UHF-BP1 with Headset Microphones 4 LAVALIERE Microphones Shipping Weight: 6 lbs FCC license may be required