AUDIO 2000 AWP-6040B

AUDIO 2000 AWP-6040B
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Product Description

AWP6040B - Portable All-In-One Wireless PA System with Rechargeable Battery

The Audio2000'S AWP6040B portable all-in-one wireless PA system with a rechargeable battery is a portable self-contained PA system containing an 1.2AHr rechargeable battery, a wireless microphone system, a built-in amplifier, a speaker, and a heavy-duty carrying bag. The above wireless microphone system includes a belt-pack wireless transmitter, a headset microphone, a lavaliere microphone. An AUX input connector and an AUX output connector are provided to have the AWP6040B be able to be used with any other PA or audio system. An 1/4 connector is provided to be used as an electric guitar input or a microphone input. The combination of the built-in amplifier and the speaker of the AWP6040B provides 25W maximum power output to achieve effective PA applications. A carrying bag is provided for portability and mobility of the AWP6040B. Overall, the AWP6040B is designed and manufactured to be a versatile, user-friendly, convenient and reliable system. FEATURES

Built-in 12VDC 1.2AH Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery 25W Max. Power Output One Handheld Wireless Microphone and Built-in Wireless Receiver Wireless Microphone Volume Control One 1/4" Microphone Input One 1/4" Microphone Volume Control One 3.5mm Microphone Input One 3.5mm Microphone Volume Control One 3.5mm AUX Audio Input (suitable as an iPOD input) AUX Audio Input Volume Control One 3.5mm AUX Audio Output Built-in 9VDC charger Echo Control Tone Control One Heavy-Duty Carrying Bag One 12VDC Input


Wireless Transmitter:

Carrier Frequency

VHF Transmission Power Less Than 30mW

Transmission Mode


Power Consumption

70mA, Max.


9V (or 8.4V Rechargeable Battery)

Wireless Receiver:

Audio Output Power

25W (Max.)

S/N Ratio


Frequency Response

100 - 12,000 Hz



Recharge Time

8 Hrs

Battery Capacity

3 Hrs (12VDC, 1.2AH)

Service Range

100ft (30M) Dimensions (W X D X H) 180 X 110 X 290mm (7.1" X 4.3" X 11.4")

ACCESSORIES Quantity 1- AWP6040B Unit (Black) Quantity 1- AWX6140 (for AWP6040B ONLY) Quantity 1- AWX6141 (Body-Pack Transmitter) (for AWP6040B-M ONLY) Quantity 1- AEM6141M (Lavaliere Microphone) (for AWP6040B-M ONLY) Quantity 1- AEM6141M (Headset Microphone) (for AWP6040B-M ONLY) Quantity 1- Owner's Manual Quantity 1- 9V Battery Quantity 1- Heavy-Duty Carrying Bag