Gemini AS-15-BLU- LT Speaker Cordless Mic Package With Speaker Stand

Gemini AS-15-BLU- LT Speaker Cordless Mic Package With Speaker Stand
Item# gemini-as15blu-lt-speaker-cordless-mic-package-with-speaker-sta15
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Product Description

The Gemini AS-15BLU-LT gives your performance a powerful sound and a brilliant LED light show eliminating the need for extra external lighting fixtures for small-to-medium-sized events.

The unit is lightweight for easy transportation and setup. It features a 2000W amplifier with deep bass and true linear sound reproduction.

The effect that lighting has on a party is always to turn the excitement up a notch. The vibrant LED lights of the AS-15BLU-LT will keep your crowd entertained all night long. Combining exceptional sound quality with a stunning LED light array takes your event to the next level.

Features Speaker configuration Active/passive: Active Type: Full range LF driver: 15" MF driver: N/A HF driver: 1" Power Amplifier class: AB Wattage: 500W/2000W Peak Mixer/preamp: N/A Audio Frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz Coverage pattern: 70 x70 Max SPL: 115 dB Inputs XLR: 2 TRS: 2 TS: N/A RCA: Stereo pair

The Gemini UHF-6200 Wireless Handheld Mic System provides you with unlimited independence to use your energy and movements all over the stage without any fear of hanging cables.

Do explore the boundaries of passion with UHF-6200. If you are a lead singer, DJ, karaoke enthusiast, or anyone searching for a high-quality voice reproduction system with an unbeatable clarity and reliability, you are looking at the perfect product. Besides, the UHF-6200 comes at a surprisingly low price.

The wireless dual-channel receiver system 512 MHz to 537.5MHz operational frequencies 240-foot dynamic operating range Ideal for bars, clubs, auditoriums, and places of worship

One Speaker Stand 1 Microphone 1 Remote Control 1500 Most Requested Karaoke Songs Computer Not Included