GEMINI AS-15BLU-LT Powered 15” Speaker With LED Array & Bluetooth

GEMINI AS-15BLU-LT Powered 15” Speaker With LED Array & Bluetooth
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Product Description

Gemini AS-15BLU-LT Powered 15” Speaker With LED Array and Bluetooth


Gemini AS-15BLU-LT Multi-LED 15” Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Light up the Room

Gemini introduces a whole new level of visual live sound. The AS series now comes equipped with a vibrant beat synced full-color LED woofer light array!

The AS-15BLU-LT improves your live setup in many aspects giving your performance a powerful sound and a brilliant LED light show eliminating the need for extra external lighting fixtures for small-to-medium sized events. The unit is lightweight for easy transportation and set up.

The effect that lighting has on a party turns the excitement up! The vibrant LED lights of the AS-15BLU-LT will keep your crowd entertained all night long. Combining exceptional sound quality with a stunning LED light array takes your event to the next level.

Power you can Feel, Quality you can hear This is a powerful 15-inch active loudspeaker with a 2000 Watt amplifier pumping deep “roomy” bass and true linear sound reproduction. The unit delivers supreme operational quality by delivering wholesome sounds with fullness rather than producing sounds with unnecessary noise at high ends.

Multimedia Monster Gemini AS-15BLU-LT supports Bluetooth wireless listening allowing you to easily connect your smartphone to the speaker and enjoy unending music on your phone, with enhanced quality and higher volume. Gemini AS-15BLU-LTsupports both USB and SD cards allowing you to play your favorite song right on the speaker system. Play songs on your USB stick or SD card directly on the speaker system.

Simple Connectivity and Controls Featuring XLR Line, and RCA inputs with separate gain and EQ controls as well as a Mix Output. Separate volume knobs make it even more convenient for you to take full control of your speaker system. Easily adjust the equalizer on Gemini AS-15BLU-LT with the two separate knobs available for high frequencies and low frequencies.

Gemini AS-15BLU-LT is offered at an extreme value allowing you to enjoy music and lighting to the fullest at an affordable price. Versatility it provides the user offering multiple means of playback including USB, SD, and wireless Bluetooth further enhances the value of this active speaker system.