Mackie Creator Bundle

Mackie Creator Bundle
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Product Description

The Mackie Creator Bundle is the ultimate setup for content creators, podcasters, streaming, and beyond. Not only is it perfect for your desk setup, it’s extremely easy to take on the go.

The Mackie EM-USB Microphone connects directly to your computer via high-speed USB-C and captures everything with perfect detail, no EQ required. You also get 2 professional ways of monitoring for both live production and editing. MC-100 headphones provide clear sound and noise isolation you need to be on point.

For editing or just hanging out, our much-loved CR3-X monitors deliver professional studio-quality sound so you can be sure that your viewers or listeners will get a well-balanced mix.

Need software? Youre good to go right out of the box! Both Pro Tools® | First and Waveform OEM™ professional recording software as well as huge plugin bundles are included.

Mackie Creator Bundle with USB Microphone and Monitors Include: EM-USB USB Microphone CR3-X Multimedia Monitors MC-100 Professional Headphones Desktop Mic Stand 1/4 Inch Headphone Adapter USB Cable RCA Cable 1/8 Inch Cable Pro Tools First and Waveform OEM Software Bundle

EM-USB USB Microphone

Mackie believes that stellar audio quality shouldnt be expensive. The EM-USB USB Condenser Microphone offers a top-notch microphone option for streamers, podcasters, and other content creators.

The EM-USB has an onboard gain control with a separate headphone monitoring knob so you can hear exactly what your audience does. This mic has an integrated mute button to prevent sneezes and other unwanted noises from being recorded. The audio experts really like the included tabletop stand. With it, you can turn any surface into your own personal studio. All you have to do is attach the stand, boot up your computer, and get started. Youll never misses the opportunity to capture an interview, song idea, or any natural sound around you.

EM-USB USB Microphone Features: USB output connects directly to your computer with no external hardware required Onboard gain control lets you adjust the mics output volume with ease Headphone monitoring jack with independent level control lets you hear exactly what your audience does

CR3-X Multimedia Monitors

Mackie CR3-X Multimedia Monitors put studio-quality sound right on your desktop at a great value. Mackie has earned their reputation for quality studio monitoring over the years, and CR3-X Multimedia Monitors are just as suitable for multimedia production as they are for gaming and casual listening. Musicians appreciate the convenient front-panel headphone output for private listening sessions, and a range of inputs are ready to accept signal from your computer, audio interface, or portable device.

Whether youre outfitting an editing studio or simply looking to upgrade your desktop listening experience, youll be impressed with Mackie CR3-X Multimedia Monitors.

CR3-X Active Monitors Features: Desktop monitor speakers with 3 Inch drivers Convenient front-panel volume control and headphone output Includes speaker cable, RCA-1/8 Inch cable, and 1/8Inch -1/8 Inch cable

MC-100 Professional Headphones

A good pair of headphones is essential when youre running live sound. The Mackie MC-100 professional headphones help you do your best work by providing the optimal balance between isolation and accurate sound reproduction. These headphones have large, custom-designed drivers that deliver a clear and detailed signal at all levels. Dont worry about discomfort over long sessions either, these lightweight cans feature ergonomically designed cushioning on the earpads and headband. Youll feel comfortable with these headphones on for hours at a time.

MC-100 Professional Closed-back Headphones Features: Closed-back design is ideal for live sound environments Large drivers deliver clarity across the entire frequency range A padded headband and ergonomic ear pads increase comfort