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Product Description

Compact Audiophile Goodness!

The FEATHER AMP delivers up to 480W of clean and efficient power, all while weighing in at just under 5 lbs. How did we do it? We built the FEATHER AMP around a power efficient Class D module. Unlike other Class D amplifiers, ours delivers audiophile sound quality due to an amplification module by ICEpower® - a subsidiary of the world-famous Bang & Olufsen®.

The small footprint form factor makes this the perfect amp for streamlining mobile rigs and custom installations. This amp is ideal for powering up a 2nd zone or any other application where compact audiophile-grade amplifier is required. There is even a front-mounted pre-amped 1/8" jack for conveniently connecting an iPod, tablet or laptop.

So, you can stop lugging around back-breaking equipment and significantly improve your sound in one shot.

Check out a Feather Amp, and your back and ears will thank you!

Power rating: 120W+120W RMS in stereo mode @ 4?, 480W RMS in bridge mode @ 4? Amplification by ICEpower®: Subdivision of the world famous Bang & Olufsen® Group Class D power: Exceptional power efficiency and low heat performance 1/4" TRS audio inputs: Balanced and unbalanced audio connections 1/8" audio input: Front-mounted for easy connection to smartphones, tablets, and laptops Compact and lightweight: Small form-factor for custom installations Binding post speaker outputs: Versatile speaker connections Front panel LED indicators: Easy system status at a glance

Dimensions: 13" X 6 1/2" x 2 3/4"