VocoPro K-CAST

VocoPro K-CAST
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Product Description

When it comes to entertainment, VocoPro has you covered. Weve combined our audio know-how with the latest in LED projector technology to bring you the K-Cast!

The K-Cast is a battery powered portable PA system with a 12 woofer and horn tweeter pumping out 120 watts of power.

The back panel sports an LED projector, a guitar input jack, as well as the controls for the two wireless microphones that are included.

The LED projector can produce an image from 60 to 200 inches and is capable of displaying HD video when used with an HDMI connected source or a USB thumbstick.

The K-Cast has a built-in video decoder that will accept the most popular video files such as .mp4, .avi, and .mkv! The HDMI input can accept most devices like laptops/computers, smartphones, and even a Roku, so you can stream videos directly from the internet.

Weve included two UHF wireless microphones for duet performances with friends plus a 70 portable screen for outdoor events!

With the K-Cast, DJs, KJs, and VJs can now add another dimension to their performance! Or spice up your next house party with the new K-Cast from VocoPro!

HD LED Projector with Focus Adjustment for Images up to 200

Battery Powered 120W Portable PA

4-6 Hours of Performance Time on a Full Charge

12 Woofer with Compression Tweeter for Great Sounding Music and Vocals

Multi-Format Video Decoder Supports Popular Video Formats Handy Remote Control Uses 2.4G RF Remote For Superior Distance and 360 Reception

Speaker Stand Ready (Stand not included) Includes: Two UHF Wireless Microphones, 70 Portable Outdoor Screen, Remote Control Rear Panel Connectors: 1/4 INPUT HD INPUT USB INPUT 1/8 INPUT Power INPUT