VocoPro Silent Symphony-Learn

VocoPro Silent Symphony-Learn
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Product Description

The Silent Symphony-Learn (Stereo Wireless Listening Center) from VocoPro features a STEREO three-channel wireless transmitter, and Silent Symphony stereo multi-channel wireless headphones, that enable you to add the static-free stereo wireless audio capability to your classroom media player.

Just connect the transmitter to any audio source such as a CD player, MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, or computer, and transmit quality stereo sound wirelessly to 10 listeners at a time.

With 3 available frequencies, you can run up to 3 different audio programs simultaneously (Additional transmitters required). Connect an unlimited number of Silent Symphony Headphones with a single transmitter to meet the requirements of a bigger classroom. The Silent Symphony-Learn ships with an included padded carrying case.

The Silent Symphony Wireless Transmitter sends high-quality stereo audio via 900 MHz (UHF) frequencies to Silent Symphony Headphones within an operating range of up to 300 feet. Connect the transmitter to any analog audio source by using a stereo RCA connection or 1/8" stereo mini-plug. Synchronize the transmitter and headphones with the 3 switchable preset frequencies.

The Silent Symphony-Learn is the only wireless listening center on the market that outputs a STEREO audio signal while operating in the 900MHz range to avoid TV and radio station interference.

Package Includes: 1 Silent Symphony stereo wireless transmitter 10 Silent Symphony stereo wireless headphones 1 BAG-HP10 headphone carrying bag

Operates in the 900MHz Frequency Band, Clear of TV Station Interference

Broadcast Audio to an Unlimited Number of Wireless Headphone Sets

Use up to 3 Transmitters Simultaneously

Internal Battery Built-In to Transmitter for Remote Use

Transmission Power Level Toggle (High/Low)

Available Stereo RCA Audio Input on the transmitter

Headphones have an 18Hr Battery Life with Two AAA Batteries