VocoPro UHF-18-Diamond (Each Color Sold Separately)

VocoPro UHF-18-Diamond (Each Color Sold Separately)
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Product Description

VocoPro Single Channel UHF Wireless Mic System



Want to sing like the stars? Check out our new high-profile wireless mic system studded with diamond-like crystals.

Built on our proven UHF wireless technology, you count on sounding just as good as you look. The compact and rugged all-metal receiver is designed for use as both a stand-alone module, or on many of our all-in-one systems.

There are several frequencies and colors to choose from to match your style.

Whether it is you or a guest, one thing is for sure ? you will shine like a star!


Includes one microphone and one receiver Can Be Used as a Plug-In Device or Independently Available in multiple colors and frequencies UHF Antenna Connects Securely with BNC Plug Volume Control with Power Switch

1/4 Mic Out and DC Input for Independent Operation Fits Expansion Ports on the HERO-REC, CHAMPION-REC Microphone Requires Two AA Batteries

Power Adapter and 1/4 Patch Cable Included Actual Unit Dimensions: 6(W) x 4.25(D) x 1.25(H)

Actual Unit Weight: 2 lbs

Rear Panel Connections: Power adapter plug 1/4 Mic output

Multi-function jack (for connecting to compatible units such as CHAMPION-REC or HERO-REC)