VocoPro UHF-8800-XL

VocoPro UHF-8800-XL
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Product Description

VocoPro UHF-8800-XL package takes the proven UHF technology were known for and lifts it to new heights. With 8 handheld microphones, 8 professional mic stands, and 2 XLR-Quad cables, you have everything required to get even the largest groups up on stage without the complicated tangle of wires.

The included microphone stands clean up the performance area while providing the professional look thatll make you stand out. The XLR-Quad cables enable easy set up while providing the highest quality sound from the 8 dedicated XLR outputs located on the back of the rugged metal-chassis receiver.

The entire microphone system is secured into a professional carrying bag to for easy transport and quick setup time. The UHF-8800-XL package is ready to tackle the largest performance groups while providing the clear sound VocoPro is known for.

Frequency Sets UHF-8800-9 9A,9B,9C,9D,9E,9F,9G,9H UHF-8800-10 9I,9J,9K,9L,9M,9N,9O,9P Frequency Sets: UHF-8800-9: 9A,9B,9C,9D,9E,9F,9G,9H UHF-8800-10: 9I,9J,9K,9L,9M,9N,9O,9P System Includes UHF-8800 System, 2 XLR-QUAD Cables, 8 Mic Stands, Carrying Bag, 10 Mic Windscreens Future-Proof UHF 900MHz Band Operation 8 XLR Microphone Outputs 2 1/4 Mixed Mic Outputs (1: Ch 1-4, 2: Ch 5-8) 8 Handheld Microphones Included Individual Volume Controls for Precise Vocal Balancing Individual Squelch Control on Each Mic Channel 8 Independent Field-Replaceable Modules Rugged 2RU Metal Receiver Chassis Aluminum Carrying Case Included BAG-88 Carrying Bag Included Battery Life: 12 Hours FCC License May Be Required Actual Unit Dimensions: 19(W) x 8.75(D) x 3.75(H)

Actual Unit Weight: 18 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 18(L) x 23 (W) x 9(H)

Shipping Weight: 31 lbs

Rear Panel Connections: 8 XLR mic outputs 1/4 mixed output (Channel 1-4) 1/4 mixed output (Channel 5-8)

Accessories: Carrying Case, 2 1/4 Patch Cables, Power Adapter