VocoPro USB Cast Conference

VocoPro USB Cast Conference
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Product Description

Dual wireless USB conference microphone system

Many people have recognized the easiest way to improve audio quality during virtual meetings or virtual learning is to change the microphone.

Digital wireless microphones with Mic-on-Chip Technology is the new turn-key solution. The wireless microphones connect directly to the computer's USB via a USB receiver. No cables, no complicated setup, your computer powers the USB microphone receiver with a sound card built-in, for plug-and-play on PC and Mac.

Now you won't be asked to talk louder or get closer to the laptop to be heard. Each USB-CAST system comes with a USB wireless receiver about the size of a thumb drive and two wireless microphones. This allows more than one person to take part in the virtual meeting, but keep social-distancing at the same time without being restricted by microphone cables.

The USB-CAST is available with conference mics, handheld mics, or bodypack system with lavaliere and headset mics and instrument cable.

Professional gooseneck condenser microphone so the user does need to be right on top of the mic to pick up their voice Two users can use the microphones simultaneously without interference or set up Operate in 900 MHz away from radio, TV, and Wi-Fi interference Transmitters connect quickly and silently, freely turn the mic on and off as needed Transmitters sync to USB receiver automatically, with quick tap-to-sync functionality to avoid interference Battery Info: AA Alkaline