VOCOPRO Wireless Performer

VOCOPRO Wireless Performer
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Product Description

Lightweight Powered Vocal Speaker Designed For Mobile Entertainers and Singer-Songwriters

Portability is everything for traveling performers, singer-songwriters, and everyone in between; the problem is not all equipment is easy to transport and setup. Enter the Wireless Performer! A powered vocal speaker designed for the grind of daily travel. Its 100W RMS (200W Max) amplifier will ensure everyone can hear the show in venues like coffee shops or small bars. The Wireless Performer includes one of our wildly popular UHF wireless handheld microphones. Add in the dual purpose balanced/unbalanced combo microphone/instrument jack and you?ll always be ready for an impromptu duet or instrument solo. Connect a laptop or iPod to practice or sing-along with the 1/8" and RCA auxiliary jacks; with an identical output set, to connect to a larger house system. Even though the Wireless Performer weighs in at a paltry 25lbs, we?ve added a wheel and handle assembly to ensure easy transport. See how much easier being a traveling performer can be with the Wireless Performer!

200W Max (100W RMS) Output 8" Mid-low Woofer with Compression HF Design and Tuned for Vocals Includes One UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone 1x Balanced/Unbalanced Combo Microphone/Instrument Jack Built-In Microphone Effect for Speech, Singing, and Karaoke 1/8" AUX Input & Output Jacks Wide Wheel Chassis Allows For Easy Transport Weighs in at 25lbs.

Rear Panel Connectors: XLR Instrument/Mic input RCA Audio in 1/8" Audio in RCA Audio out 1/8" Audio out Power input

Accessories: Power Cable, RCA Audio Cable, 1/8" Audio Cable, Mic Holder, Antenna